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5 Tips to Relieve Back Pain at Home

5 Tips to Relieve Back Pain at Home

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that leads people to the doctor’s office. It’s also a significant cause of disability and missed work

While medical care can be helpful or necessary once back pain strikes, there’s a lot you can do at home to keep your symptoms to a minimum.

Our team of expert medical providers at Arundel Medical Group, Inc., located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is pleased to diagnose and effectively treat back pain issues so you can get back to your daily life. 

Read on to learn more about back pain, including tips for relieving it at home.

What causes back pain

A broad range of issues and conditions can fuel back pain. Some of the most common include sprains and strains, herniated discs, joint injuries, and irregularities in your spine.

While anyone can develop back pain, your chances are higher if you carry excess weight, spend a great deal of time on your feet, lead a sedentary lifestyle, or have a chronic pain condition, such as arthritis. Poor posture can also play a role. 

How to relieve back pain at home

While home care can’t treat a significant medical condition causing back pain, you can take steps to ease mild pain or reduce your symptoms until you can get proper treatment.

  1. Apply an ice or heat pack for 20 minutes at a time
  2. Take an over-the-counter medication, such as ibuprofen or aspirin
  3. Apply a topical numbing cream containing lidocaine
  4. Sleep with a pillow below your legs (if you sleep back-down) or between your knees (if you sleep on your side)
  5. Carefully massage or stretch your back muscles

Depending on the cause and severity of your back pain, you may also find moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, helpful. Start with 30 minutes a day. 

Getting medical care for your back pain

If your efforts to ease your back pain at home don’t suffice, we recommend coming into our office. Schedule an appointment if you’ve never experienced back pain before, your pain is excruciating, or it lasts longer than a few weeks.

​​After a comprehensive exam that includes a discussion of your symptoms and medical history, your provider may order a diagnostic imaging test, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or X-ray. 

Once we’ve pinpointed the cause of your back pain, your customized treatment plan may include chiropractic care, physical therapy, or medication. Our team can also recommend specific lifestyle changes to keep your back pain from returning.

To learn more about chronic back pain or to get the care you need, call our office or request an appointment via this website today. 

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