Start the Season Right with a Sports Physical for Your Little Athlete

Little matters as much as your child’s safety. If your child is athletic, making sure they can safely engage in a particular sport helps ensure their well-being and bring you mental ease. Most states require such an exam before a new sports season, but there are other reasons to consider them, too.

Our team at Arundel Medical Group, Inc. is pleased to provide sports physicals for children in the  Glen Burnie, Maryland, area.

Benefits of a sports physical

Sports physicals aren’t just something to check off of a list of requirements. Whether your child engages in a scholastic sport or engages for fun and recreation outside of school, these exams can help by:

Preparing for a sports physical

Aim to schedule your child’s sports physical six to eight weeks before the athletic season begins. You can prepare by putting together or reviewing your child’s basic medical history to discuss with your provider. Your child will also be asked to share information about their daily lifestyle choices and habits, such as whether they use drugs or alcohol.

Symptoms and conditions you’ll want to discuss include:

The physical exam portion of your child’s visit will assess a range of factors, such as:

Don’t let the fear of not “passing” the physical keep you or your child from being forthright during the appointment. If your child has an issue that may impact their athletic capabilities or eligibility for a sport, your provider can likely recommend treatment or management possibilities. Like you, we care most about your child’s health and safety. We’ll do our best to help ensure that they have a positive athletic experience. 

To learn more about sports physicals or schedule one for your child, call Arundel Medical Group, Inc., or request an appointment on our website.

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