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Stimulate Your Nervous System to Relieve Pain

Stimulate Your Nervous System to Relieve Pain

If you’re living with intense pain, you know how debilitating those sensations can be. From keeping you from going about your daily activities to tanking your moods, pain that lingers is a serious matter. And while pain is important, offering your body a signal that it needs care, chronic pain can keep on well after an injury or illness has healed. 

Our team of qualified experts at Arundel Medical Group, Inc. in Glen Burnie, Maryland, offers interferential electrical stimulation as a means of natural pain relief and supported healing. Here, we provide information about this valuable treatment option.

The nervous system and chronic pain

Your brain and spinal cord receive signals from your nerves and also send signal patterns to your muscles that control physical movements. These patterns update your spinal cord constantly, which is how you learned to walk, ride a bike, or play an instrument.

Chronic pain is believed to start when sensors in your muscles misfire, causing your brain and spinal cord to “short-circuit.” When that happens, your spinal cord revs up a typically harmless pain signal. And once that occurs, your central nervous system recognizes the signals as intensely painful. As a result, even benign stimuli can bring on intense pain flares. Fortunately, Interferential electrical stimulation helps correct this.

How interferential electrical stimulation works

During your interferential electrical stimulation treatment, pads containing electrodes will be attached to your skin. Once the stimulation starts, you may feel a mild tingling sensation that increases a bit throughout your session. Gentle and noninvasive, the procedure is not painful.

The tingling comes from low-frequency electrical impulses that permeate your skin, moving to your peripheral nerve tissue. The pulses keep nerves from sending pain signals to your brain while promoting cellular repair to enhance healing.

Conditions treated with interferential electrical stimulation

Interferential current stimulation can treat a range of conditions that cause your nervous system to signal pain, including:

Good candidates for interferential electrical stimulation

You may be a good candidate for interferential electrical stimulation if you wish to avoid taking pain medications, can’t safely have surgery that would treat your condition, or aren’t getting sufficient relief from other treatments.

Interferential electrical stimulation therapy can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatments, such as chiropractic care, medications, or physical therapy. Some people opt for this treatment with hopes of reducing the amount of pain medication they take. If you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker, we may suggest other options.

To learn more about nervous system stimulation or get the pain relief you need, call our office or request an appointment on our website. We would love to help you get back to comfort and a better quality of life.

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