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Yes, You Can Reverse Prediabetes — Here's How

Yes, You Can Reverse Prediabetes — Here's How

Did you know that one in three adults in the United States has prediabetes? Perhaps even more striking, more than 80% of those adults don’t realize they have it.

If you know that you’re prediabetic, you’re ahead as far as being able to take proactive steps to keep it from becoming full diabetes. 

Our expert team of medical providers at Arundel Medical Group, Inc., located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, provides general medicine care to improve your overall health. We also treat chronic diseases, including diabetes.

Take a few minutes to learn more about prediabetes, including how to reverse it.

Prediabetes basics

Prediabetes is the stage that takes place before developing type 2 diabetes. The diagnosis means your blood sugar levels aren’t yet high enough to meet the type 2 diabetes criteria, but they’re still above normal. 

And when you have too much glucose (another word for blood sugar), it can gradually lead to complications like organ dysfunction, vision problems, and nerve damage. 

When you have prediabetes, your chance of developing type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years is about 50%. Prediabetes is also linked with other significant conditions, like metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

How to reverse prediabetes

Reversing prediabetes can improve your overall health. Helpful steps to consider include:

Thankfully, any of these steps may lead to improvement in another area. By sleeping for at least seven hours per night, for example, you may have more energy to exercise. And more activity makes way for improved weight loss. 

While you’re at these efforts, aim to make them pleasurable. Learn ways to prepare healthy flavorful meals and snacks, or go for walks with a friend.

Our team at Arundel Medical Group can help reverse prediabetes by monitoring your blood sugar and wellness and recommending tips to improve your health. We may also recommend monitoring your blood sugar at home with a simple device.

If you’re feeling challenged along the way, we can offer support and guidance. Our customized weight loss programs, for example, may help ease the burden of attempting to shed stubborn pounds on your own. 

To learn more about prediabetes or to get the care you need, call our office or request an appointment via this website today.

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