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Armed Physicals

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All new military recruits are required by law to complete armed services physicals. At Arundel Medical Group, Inc., located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, the family medicine and internal medicine physicians provide armed services physicals for recruits from all branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Call Arundel Medical Group, Inc. to schedule your armed services physical or book your appointment online today.

Do I have to undergo an armed services physical to enlist in the military?

Yes. Everyone who enrolls in the American armed services must first undergo a physical exam. An armed services physical assesses your general health to ensure you’re in good enough shape to endure the challenges of basic training and military combat. 

You need to complete this exam regardless of your current level of fitness. Military service is often physically strenuous, so you must be fit and able to withstand the job's daily demands. 

What can I expect at an armed services physical?

At Arundel Medical Group, Inc., armed services physicals are tailored to each recruit’s needs. Even so, these exams include several specific tests.

First, your Arundel Medical Group, Inc. provider has you complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle and general health. Then, they check your vital signs, measuring your height, weight, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Your provider completes a hearing and vision exam, orders blood work and urinalysis, and completes a drug and alcohol screen.

If you’re a woman or have female reproductive organs, your provider completes a Pap smear and a pregnancy test. A Pap smear is a preventive screening that checks for cervical cancer. 

After completing the exam portion of your physical, your provider has you complete a series of exercises to assess your balance and physical abilities, like muscle strength, reflexes, and flexibility.

Once you complete each part of the armed services physical, your Arundel Medical Group, Inc. provider signs off on your recruitment paperwork. You can provide the paperwork to your military recruiter to complete enrollment. 

What should I bring to an armed services physical?

Bring the following information to your armed services physical at Arundel Medical Group, Inc.:

  • Health insurance information
  • Results from recent lab or diagnostic tests, like blood work and X-rays
  • List of the supplements, vitamins, and medications you take
  • Health questions or concerns you’d like to discuss 
  • Paperwork from your military recruiter

Let your provider know if you’ve been diagnosed with an underlying medical condition, like high blood pressure or diabetes. Certain medical issues may disqualify you from enrolling in military service.

Call Arundel Medical Group, Inc., to schedule an armed services physical or book your appointment online today.